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Sea Journey
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Game Genres: Action Games, Adventure Games, Match 3 Games, Battle Games, Quest Games, Sea Games, Army Games, Fighting Games, Match Games, Number Games, Ocean Games, Skill Games, War Games, Water Games, Scuffle Games

Sea Journey

Like sea adventures? Become a sea pirate!
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Game Description

Blue endless sea, light breeze, warm sun, nothing can disturb you. But nothing of the kind! Free game "Sea Journey" offers you to dive into the dangerous world of the sea battles. This is the first game of such level, so captivating that you won't be able to stop. Sophisticated game play, beautiful special effects, realistic sound background, difficult and interesting action is waiting for you. The play area is divided into two parts – the first one is the part of the sea battle. The second one is the active zone with the elements that should match in order to win the battle. You'll have to put all the identical figures in one line. Exploding them you'll be able to attack the enemy or to have a money reward. The wheels contribute to the maneuvering ability of the ship during the battle. It will help you to avoid the enemy's attack. When the bullets burn out they make the fell upon the enemy's ship. The precious gems and coins allow to gain new ships or to get extra experience for reconstruction and modernization of your ship. Don't forget that the sea element is very dangerous and rough. You'll have to fight in absolutely different circumstances, such as hurricanes, volcano eruption, beautiful sunsets and quiet harbors. Pay attention to the pieces of advice of the assistants during the play, they will help you to chose the most successful battles that will be the most profitable. The battle looks realistic and beautiful, and the sound effects of high quality make the action extremely impressive! There are 4 types of ships: the pirate, the dealer, the guards and the phantom. Chose the type of the ship according to the battle. Fifty levels of the sea battles, the higher is the level, the more dangerous and difficult the adventure will be. Your task is to improve your skills and modernize the ships. Download "Sea Journey" right now. Enjoy the sea battle!
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  • Addictive Match 3 Gameplay
  • Challenging plot
  • Advanced graphics
  • Spectacular sea battles
  • Amazing power-ups
  • 7 fabulous mini-games
  • Adventurous atmosphere
  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • Processor 500 Mhz or better
  • 64 Mb RAM
  • 50 Mb of hard drive space
  • 16 Mb of video memory
  • DirectX 8.0

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